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The Role of WSCUC

WSCUC is an acronym commonly used for the Western Association of Schools and Colleges Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC). The WSCUC is one of the seven regional agencies in the United States recognized by the federal government to accredit institutions of higher learning.

Purpose of Accreditation

The WSCUC accreditation process assures stakeholders, including the educational community and the general public, that institutions have been rigorously evaluated and meet high standards of quality and effectiveness. The process also promotes the meaning, quality, and integrity of educational programs and encourages a commitment to continuous improvement.

Professional or disciplinary accreditation ensures that specific programs meet or exceed standards established within a profession or discipline for academic preparation of professionals. Sonoma State is proud to have of programs who maintain disciplinary accreditation:

Business AACSB
Counseling MPCAC
Education Credentials CCTC
Engineering ABET
Music NASM
Nursing ACEN